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“Debts” Playlist – 5/26/03

"debts no honest man can pay” playlist - monday, 5/26/03 
noon-2pm whfr 89.3 fm | 

episode 8

the replacements - portland 
paul westerberg - baby learns to crawl 
grandpaboy - in between love and like 
the waco brothers - jamaican radio obituary 
jay farrar & kelly willis - rex's blues 
michelle shocked - the l&n don't stop here no more 
green on red - no man's land 
danny & dusty - down to the bone 
green on red - time slips away 
bodeans - she's a runaway (live) 
jason & the scorchers -broken whiskey glass (live) 
lone justice - sweet, sweet baby (i'm falling) (live) 
steve wynn - tears won't help 
chuck prophet - summertime thing 
alejandro escovedo - gravity, falling down again  

old 97's w/ exene cervenka - four leaf clover 
the waterboys - be my enemy 
robbie fulks - let's kill saturday night
the backsliders - lonesome teardrops 
br5-49 - crazy arms 
nick lowe - 7 nights to rock 
los lobos - johnny 99 

“Debts” Playlist – 5/19/03

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist - monday, 5/19/03 
noon-2pm whfr 89.3 fm | 

episode 7

johhny cash & june carter - jackson 
johnny cash & june carter - long-legged guitar-pickin' man 
johnny cash & june carter - it ain't me, babe 
june carter cash - i love you, sweetheart 
johnny cash & june carter - if i were a carpenter 
june carter cash - once more before i die 
june carter cash - ring of fire 
tim easton - lexington jail 
junior brown - highway patrol 
steve earle - six days on the road 
pike 27 - kentucky's calling 
terry farmer - seven days of thunder 
roger wallace - from the time i get up 
patty larkin - all that innocence 
lucinda williams - fruits of my labor 
kasey chambers - barricades & brickwalls 
warren zanes - first on the moon 
warren zanes - where we began 
brendan benson - tiny spark 
old 97's - big brown eyes 
rhett miller - hover 
old 97's - oppenheimer 
guadalcanal diary - almost saturday 
marah - my heart is the bums on the street 
bad livers - new york city 
wilco - more like the moon 

“Debts” Playlist – 5/12/03

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist - monday, 5/12/03 
noon-2pm whfr 89.3 fm | 

episode 6

the new pornographers - the electric version  
neko case & her boyfriends - honky tonk hiccups  
the new pornographers - the laws have changed  
lone justice - drugstore cowboy               
lone justice - ways to be wicked 
lone justice - sweet, sweet baby 
whiskeytown - nervous breakdown
johnny cash - folsom prison blues
br5-49 - honky tonk 
pike 27 - baltimore - falling down hard 
lucinda williams - real live bleeding fingers & broken guitar strings 
jo serrapere & the willie dunns - jesus in a snowball
bobby sutliff - in my perfect dream
blinker the star - strange as they say  
warren zanes - when the world gets weak 
jesse harris & the ferdinandos - just a photograph 
jayhawks - eyes of sarahjane - rainy day music 
william wyatt - barbara jane 
vic chessnutt - styrofoam  
sonny landreth - turning wheel  
jason & the scorchers - i can't help myself 
green on red - fading away 
chuck prophet - lucky  
chuck prophet - eloise 

“Debts” Playlist – 5/5/03

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist - monday, 5/5/03 
noon-2pm whfr 89.3 fm | 

episode 5

kasey chambers - a littlle bit lonessome 
the hot club of cowtown - sleep 
jo serrapere & the willie dunns - living well 
chris thomas king - hard time killing floor blues 
chris thomas king w/ colin linden - john law burned down the liquor sto' 
gillian welch - pass you by 
stan ridgway - sixteen tons  
stan ridgway - camouflage 
the handsome family - weightless again
son volt - tear stained eye 
pete yorn - living on a chain
old 97's w/ exene cervenka - four leaf clover 
ethan daniel davidson - ring them bells 
ethan daniel davidson - kill all pop songs 
joe henry - trampoline 
steve earle w/ lucinda williams - you're still standing there 
lucinda williams - i lost it 
kathleen edwards - hockey skates 
wilco - a magazine called sunset 
wilco - nothing's ever gonna stand in my way again 
stan ridgway - i wanna be a boss
the chills - heavenly pop hit 
the wondermints - proto-pretty