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“Debts” Playlist – 8/26/04

"debts no honest man can pay" playlist - 8/26/04
thursday, 7-9pm cst/8-10 est wlfm 91.1 fm | 

episode 65

a bible & a gun - jason ringenberg & steve earle 

the monona - paul's big radio 
heartbreak hotel - beggar's tomb
atlantic city - the shiftless rounders 

love x 10 (how dare you) - adam Maryland 
good old days - owsley 
strange as they say - blinker the star 

the revolution starts now - steve earle 
link wray - jason ringender 
warrior - steve earle 
american reprieve - jason ringenberg 

ashgrove - dave alvin 
somewhere in time - los lobos w/ dave alvin
freedom park - march 

closer to the bone - jo serrapere & the willie dunns
hi-de-hi - jawbone 
bulletproof - porchsleeper 
bonnie & clyde - jim roll 

eddie rode the orphan train - jason ringenberg
comin' around - steve earle 

take 'em as they come - bruce springsteen 

“Debts” Playlist – 8/19/04

"debts no honest man can pay" playlist - 8/19/04
thursday, 7-9pm cst/8-10 est wlfm 91.1 fm | 

episode 64

be my enemy - the waterboys 

affection - the lost boys 
inside of me - little steven & the disciples of soul 
red headed woman - bruce springsteen 
love's glory - patti scialfa

marie marie - los lobos 
ellouise - michelle anthony 
ways to be wicked - lone justice 

souls of the departed - the paradise brothers 
johnny 99 - the mystic knights of the sea 
does it look that bad? - eric ambel 

paradise - steve earle & reckless kelly 
the buford stick - drive-by truckers 
the new kid - old 97's 

unknown legend - neil young 
buttons from bones - the aimless blades 
that's what dreams - green on red 

summertime thing - chuck prophet 
10 miles to go on a 9 mile road - jim white 
ramblin' man - clothesline revival 

which side are you on? - natalie merchant 
trampin' - patti smith 
damn shame - jay farrar 
down the line - peter case 

“Debts” Playlist – 8/12/04

"debts no honest man can pay" playlist - 8/12/04
thursday, 7-9pm cst/8-10 est wlfm 91.1 fm | 

episode 63

sunspots - bob mould 

toxic girl - kings of convenience 
georgia - audra kubat
orange sky - alexei murdoch 
at the chime of a city clock - nick drake 

amerika v6.0 - steve earle
forever came today - steve earle 
psychic friend - the backsliders 

moonlight - old 97's 
hang on to the moon - chris richards 
more like the moon - wilco 
the day john henry died - drive-by truckers 
family tree - michelle anthony 
i sure would - jess klein 
how to quit - sam phillips 

we're going to be friends - the white stripes 
skyway - steve owen 
as far as i know - paul westerberg 
let's rock & roll - bobby bare, jr. 
leave my house - the modds 

lipton & edie - eric fontana 
hide - big breakfast 
it's a pose - nellie mckay 

born in the usa (acoustic) - bruce springsteen 
the big payback - bruce springsteen 

“Debts” Playlist – 8/5/04

"debts no honest man can pay" playlist - 8/5/04
thursday, 7-9pm cst/8-10 est wlfm 91.1 fm | 

episode 62

if love was a train - michelle shocked 

downtown train - tom waits 
everybody loves a train - los lobos 
waiting on a train - steve forbert 
i'm sorry jimmie rodgers - steve own 

psychic friend - eric ambel 
forever came today - the backsliders 

paper thin - buddy & julie miller 
i made a mess of this town - scott miller & the commonwealth 
our love - rhett miller 

in the satellite rides a star - old 97's 
'twas her hunger - grey delisle 
pebbles & stones - eszter balint 
little black dress - any celsi 
i can't love you - chrissy flatt 

jockey full of bourbon - los lobos 
patria - los lobos 
shoot out the lights - los lobos 
it'll never be over to me - los lobos 

gravity, falling down again - alejandro escovedo 
gravity - terri hendrix 
holding not the earth - sam phillips 
trampoline - joe henry