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“Debts” Playlist – 4/20/13


“debts no honest man can pay” playlist – 4/20/13
saturdays noon-2pm et

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dirty water – the standells

most people – dawes
good things happen to bad people – richard thompson
tennessee blues – the howlin’ brothers
let’s face the music and dance – willie nelson & family
ballad of mr. jones – jake bugg
johnny 99 – shovels & rope

the desert babbler – iron & wine
grace for saints and ramblers – iron & wine
singers and the endless song – iron & wine
new mexico’s no breeze – iron & wine

home – zero 7
woodstock – joni mitchell

calico county – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)
love’s gonna blow my way – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)
after mardi gras – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)
pocket full of rain – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)
down the road pt. II – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)
21st century blues – steve earle & the dukes (& duchesses)

ends of the earth – lord huron
sail to the sun – waaves
well you better – yo la tengo
alive – empire of the sun

starry eyes – the records


The First Truly Awesome Album of 2013

It’s happened!

The first unequivocally awesome album of the year has hit me square between the ears! Granted, I was already having a pretty damn swellegant day when I picked it up, but even if I were having a crapsandwich day, I’d would have still stood atop the nearest rooftop and loudly sing the praises of  Kurt Vile‘s “Wakin’ On A Pretty Daze.” It’s just that bloody fripping good!

Here’s Kurt’s video of “Never Run Away.” Enjoy!

Happy Record Store Day!

Record Store Day - 2013

My RSD Score – 2013


My name is Greenberg and I’m a music nerd. 

On a perfectly good Saturday morning, I got up at the asscrack of way too damn early to stand in line for 2 hours to purchase records especially released for this very day – a day to celebrate independent record stores everywhere.

It does not matter that I arrived at shortly after 7am. Some other souls decided they needed to prove they are bigger nerds than I, and got there at 4 in the morning.

Yikes! You win!

I’m still a pretty damn respectable nerd, though.

The morning was sunny yet chilly as I stood in the shadow of a building being erected next door. All the people I encountered in line were pretty friendly. I chatted for a bit with a chap who reminded me a bit of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and we bonded over a mutual appreciation for all things Springsteen, Dylan and Neil Young.

I even did a remarkable job of ignoring my at-capacity bladder. I was, however, not amused by getting re-routed on the way there and the way back because of the 8K taking place nearby. Minor setback.

What did I get?

I’m glad you asked.

Without even trying, today’s score was thematic, as all 4 of my purchases were EPs. Plus, two of my picks are by artists from my hometown of Detroit.

Yuma – Justin Townes Earle

Stranger and Stranger – Marshall Crenshaw 

Patterns – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 

Revolution of the Mind – the dB’s 

Plus, I got a smokin’ boatload o’ free swag, including CDs, records, pins, stickers, posters and a T-shirt.

Hope you all had a Happy Record Store Day!

Your Pal,

Greenberg 🙂






10 Years Burnin’ Down The Road: A Decade of “Debts”

10 years ago, on an unseasonably snowy April day, my little radio show that could, Debts No Honest Man Can Pay was born at WHFR 89.3 FM in Dearborn, MI.

It started as a roots music show I had fun with to keep me sane while I was in between jobs. It has since evolved into an eclectic musical beast and a labor of love. I can’t imagine not having the show in my life.

I want to take this opportunity to give crazy stupid monster props to all of the people who have helped keep “Debts” alive over the years.

Thanks to

Susan McGraw, Jay Korinek and Lara Hrycaj at WHFR.

The folks at WLFM FM in Appleton, WI

Jeff Powell and Noel Thomas Manning at WGWG 88.3 The Range in Boiling Springs, NC for giving the show a good home for a good 5 years

Jason Michel, Scott Slagle and Michael K Earle at Plaza Midwood Community Radio in Charlotte, NC for providing the show with its current home – Saturdays noon-2pm ET @

Also, thanks to all of the artists, labels and promo people who continue to provide the show with so much excellent music.

Most of all, thanks to all of the listeners who joined us along the way.

There are big things coming down the pike to help us celebrate “10 years burning down the road.” It’s some pretty exciting stuff, and it all begins with Hope you like what we’ve got in store for you.

Oh, and yeah, if you’ve never listened, it’s never too late to start. Join us Saturday afternoons noon-2pm ET for two rock-solid hours of musical eclectica and other noodle stories.

Your Pal,
Greenberg 🙂