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“Debts” Podcast Empire Launches Softly

Hey everybody!

Been a while since we’ve posted…so let’s recap

The “Debts No Honest Man Can Pay” radio program turned 10 years old in April.

We celebrated this with Sunday night rebroadcasts on WBFH 88.1 FM – The Biff  in Bloomfield Hills, MI and at

The Sunday night rebroadcasts were put on hold while WBFH was in the process of moving their tower.

Now that the dust is settled over at The Biff, we hope to resume the Sunday night rebroadcasts in the very near future.

In the meantime, as “Debts” rages on, we’re pleased as punch, thrilled to the gills and tickled to tears to announce the soft launch of The “Debts” Podcast Empire. 

At this point, the Empire consists of two shows, Under the Influence and Dial “M” for Monzitta. Hopefully, you’ll love both, let us know, and we’ll create more podcasts.

A little bit about each….

Under the Influence is a free-wheeling roundtable conversation featuring a rotating cast of friends, colleagues and acquaintances with one thing in common – they’re all ridiculously engaging folks with strong opinions.

I was inspired to put this show together as a response to all the folks who grumble “there’s no good music anymore,” “there’s no good movies anymore,” “there’s nothing good on TV,” etc.

So, we sit around and share what some of our favorite things are, in hopes that listeners who are starved for cool new stuff will get turned on to cool new music, films, books, TV shows, places to eat, places to visit, etc. In short, we’re looking to influence you, hence the title.

Check out episode 1: “Hot Brown”

Check out episode 2: “Sweet Corn Festival”

Dial “M” for Monzitta is a series of  yet more free-wheeling conversations (because you can never have too many free-wheeling conversations, am I right?) with one significant difference. Whereas “Influence” features a rotating cast of characters, “Dial” features the same two people on every episode – myself and  my friend – actor, writer and raconteur  – Mike Monzitta.

Mike’s one of the funniest people I know. He’s smart as hell and one of my favorite storytellers. If you’re not thoroughly entertained when he’s holding court, you just might be dead.

Check out episode 1: “Mike Took the Ball and Ran with It”

Hopefully, we’ll have both of these series available on iTunes in the very near future.

In the meantime, you can find them right here @

Oh, and yeah…Fair Warning: they’re both chock full o’ swears or, as I like to call ’em, “verbal spice.”



Debts Playlist – 8/17/13

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist – 8/17/13
saturdays noon-2pm et

listen online @
on your mobile device with the TuneIn app 

in-studio guest – classroom central executive director jill dineen

teacher teacher – rockpile

rockin’ here tonight – the minus 5 featuring curtiss a. 
cozy – jim boquist & tim o’reagan 

long i ride – robbie fulks 
i know i’ve loved you before – big sandy & his fly-rite boys 
the devil ain’t lazy – pokey lafarge
let ’em talk – luke winslow-king
low down blues – wayne hancock 

mercy – tv on the radio 
man – neko case
come to my party – black joe lewis
oscar levant – barrence whitfield & the savages
lost – temperance league

interview – classroom central executive director jill dineen

i’ve been loving you too long (to stop now) – otis redding 
you ain’t alone – alabama shakes 
move over – janis joplin 

satisfaction – allen stone 
learn how to love – tedeschi trucks band

i’d rather go blind (live) – jill dineen band 








Debts Playlist – 8/10/13

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist – 8/10/13
saturdays noon-2pm et

listen online @
on your mobile device with the TuneIn app

nice to luv you – 54-40

come to my party – black joe lewis
ordinary – jc brooks & the uptown sound
lady, you shot me – har mar superstar

talk me down – willy mason
restless fugitive
show me the way to go home – willy mason

reach out richard – mayer hawthorne
peg – the darcys
jack of speed – steely dan

are you still with me? – temperance league
too much time – temperance league
(that, you can) count on – temperance league
everybody dreams – temperance league
don’t say goodbye – temperance league

keep walkin’ –  escondido
dark mile – patricia vonne
on the corner – sarah borges

stuck – the coal men
the fall – the coal men
role model – the coal men
broken heartland – the coal men

angels – blue rodeo








Debts Playlist – 8/3/13

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist – 8/3/13
saturdays noon-2pm et

listen online @
on your mobile device with the TuneIn app

august rain – murray attaway

holograms – cement stars
brown study – knives and daggers
runaway – dave & the strange
looking for love in alderaan places – blossoms

most people – dawes
i like the things about me – mavis staples
train of fools – john fogerty
lightning bolt – jake bugg

dark mile – patricia vonne
ravage your heart – patricia vonne
dulce refugio – patricia vonne
mexicali de chispa – patricia vonne
rattle my cage – patricia vonne

the innocent – mayer hawthorne
doin’ it right – daft punk
can’t wait – booker t featuring estelle

you can’t be told – valerie june
irene – trixie whitley
peace and quiet – waxahatchee

doncha wanna – tinted windows 





Debts Playlist – 7/27/13

“debts no honest man can pay” playlist – 7/27/13
saturdays noon-2pm et

listen online @
on your mobile device with the TuneIn app

burn for it – sloan

tanked outside – chasing pedestrians
edie sedgwick – ancient cities
congratulations betsy & charles – the business people
bandits – cameron floyd 

i was an eagle- laura marling 
master hunter- laura marling 
interlude- laura marling
where can i go? – laura marling
when were you happy? – laura marling

the last to die – pet shop boys
the ballad of hollis brown – david lynch 
peace of mind – mikal cronin
second chances – gregory alan isakov 

allie jones – mayer hawthorne
her favorite song – mayer hawthorne
reach out richard – mayer hawthorne
where does this door go – mayer hawthorne
the stars are ours – mayer hawthorne

man – neko case
ravage your heart – patricia vonne

beyond belief – elvis costello