episode 336

saturday night – herman brood & his wild romance

grand parade – hayes caryl
thief – richard buckner
friends like these – robert ellis
shanghai cigarettes – caitlin rose
the muse – laura marling

stay gold – the big pink
born to die – lana del ray
run run run – the explorers club

major – the asteroids galaxy tour
heart attack – the asteroids galaxy tour
out of frequency – the asteroids galaxy tour
fantasy friend forever – the asteroids galaxy tour

speakeasy – the man from ravcon

free again(original mono mix) – alex chiton
i can dig it – alex chilton
jumpin’ jack flash – alex chilton
sugar, sugar / i got the feelin’ – alex chilton

jolene – dolly parton
travelin’ thru – dolly parton
little sparrow – dolly parton

let england shake (iTunes session) – pj harvey
i’m going down (iTunes session) – vampire weekend
violin (iTunes session) – amos lee

we belong here – stephen kellogg & the sixers