episode 299

the promised land – bruce springsteen

(just like) starting over – john lennon
jealous guy – john lennon
come together – the beatles
mind games – john lennon
watching the wheels – john lennon

paper trails – the honored guests
bloodbuzz ohio – the national
worm tamer – grinder man

pretty girl from matthews (live) – the avett brothers
talk on indolence (live) – the avett brothers
ballad false start (live) – the avett brothers
the ballad of love and hate (live) – the avett brothers

trouble – lucky peterson
trampled rose – lucky peterson
atonement – lucky peterson

tennessee me – the secret sisters
why baby why – the secret sisters
something stupid – the secret sisters
like jerry lee – jason d. williams
you look like i could use a drink – jason d. williams
drinkin’ wine sports-dee-o-dee – jason d. williams

branded – marty stuart