episode 271

satellite beach – peter case

my city of ruins (live) – eddie vedder
we shall overcome – bruce springsteen
working on a dream – bruce springsteen
loretta – steve earle
you can’t lost what you ain’t never had – levon helm
please remember me – ramblin’ jack elliott

sun is shining – bebel gilberto
big bom – bebel gilberto
all in one – bebel gilberto
chica chica boom chic – bebel gilberto

dark was the night, cold was the ground – asylum street spankers
shadrach, meshach and abednego – asylum street spankers
jesus walking on the water – asylum street spankers

hold on you – jeff bridges
somebody else – jeff bridges
fallin’ & flyin’ – jeff bridges
the weary kind (theme from crazy heart) – ryan bingham

first cup o’ coffee – david manchel
link of chain – chris smither
sweet tooth – dave rawlings machine
you can’t go home – will kimbrough

jesus is on the mainline – the shane pruitt band