40 Years Of Combat Rock

40 Years Of Combat Rock

episode 689
podcast 83

wuthering heights – kate bush

alpha zulu – phoenix
up the mountain – regina spektor
spitting on the edge of the world – yeah yeah yeahs feat. perfume genius

cruel country – wilco
hints – wilco
all across the world – wilco
tired of taking out on you – wilco
falling apart (right now) – wilco
mystery binds – wilco

red angel dragnet – the clash
straight to hell – the clash
inoculated city – the clash
this is radio clash (different lyrics) – the clash
he who dares or is tired – the clash
midnight to stevens (outtake) – the clash

gypsy songman – steve earle & the dukes
i makes money (money don’t make me) – steve earle & the dukes
hill country rain – steve earle & the dukes
wheel – steve earle & the dukes
old road – steve earle & the dukes

standing in the light of love – neil young & crazy horse
training montage – the mountain goats
satelite – courtney marie andrews

running up that hill (a deal with g-d) – kate bush