episode 348

groove holmes – the beastie boys

red post – hippodrome
knuckle sandwich – orange roughies
so american junk monkeys

pork chops – the two man gentlemen band
pool party – the two man gentlemen band
tikka masala – the two man gentlemen band
prescription drugs – the two man gentlemen band

looking for love in alderaan places – blossoms
song in c# – the orchidales
well well well – modern primitives
chelsea smile – idle mines

gimme a beer – diamond rugs
call girl blues – diamond rugs
country mile – diamond rugs
i took note – diamond rugs
christmas in a chinese restaurant – diamond rugs

what kind of world – brendan benson
bad for me – brendan benson
light of day – brendan benson
happy most of the time – brendan benson
met your match – brendan benson

sixteen saltines – jack white
love interruption – jack white
hypocritical kiss – jack white
i’m shakin’ – jack white
hip (eponymous) poor boy – jack white

sunless saturday – fishbone