episode 293

wilco (the song) – wilco

let the day begin – the call
everywhere i go – the call
oklahoma – the call
i still believe (great design) – the call
the walls came down – the wall

1234ever – jon langford & skull orchard
getting used to uselessness – jon langford & skull orchard
luxury – jon langford & skull orchard
country boy rock & roll – marty stuart w/ kenny vaughan
ghost train four-oh-ten – marty stuart
little heartbreaker (the likes of you) – marty stuart

time warping – mitch easter
the ghost inside – broken bells
the fuse (live) – bruce springsteen & the e street band
shady grove – mudcrutch

strange things – tom jones
burning hell – tom jones
don’t knock – tom jones
run on – tom jones

sitting on top of the world (live) – robert cray band
wrangle – the man from ravcon
boomerang – stone river boys
dum-dum – defibulators

shaky ground – jackie greene