Auto Pilot’s a Dangerous Thing

Auto Pilot’s a Dangerous Thing

episode 619

podcast 12

johnny appleseed – joe strummer & the mescaleros

hetty o’ hara confidential – elvis costello
charlie patton highway (turn it up, pt. 1)
america – g.e. smith & leroy bell
evan – elise legrow
whole new mess – angel olsen

the soul singer – the waterboys
(you’ve got to) kiss a frog or two – the waterboys
why should i love you? – the waterboys
the golden work – the waterboys
my wanderings in the weary land – the waterboys

marquee moon – luna
III – mary lattimore & mac mccaughan
gotta serve somebody – bob dylan

turn off the tv – old 97’s
i like you better – old 97’s
confessional boxing – old 97’s
our year – old 97’s
why don’t we ever say we’re sorry – old 97’s

redemption song – johnny cash & joe strummer