Bottled Lightning Sweet Spots

Bottled Lightning Sweet Spots

episode 695

podcast 89

helpless – sugar

steel strings – peter case
old blue car – peter case
horse & crow – peter case
satellite beach – peter case
pair of brown eyes – peter case

angels – joe henry
skin and teeth – joe henryfat – joe henry
want too much – joe henry
great lake – joe henry

training montage – the mountain goats
mark on you – the mountain goats
wage wars get rich die handsome – the mountain goats
first blood – the mountain goats
bleed out – the mountain goats

after the rain – chuck prophet
i bow down and pray to every woman i see – chuck prophet
storm across the sea – chuck prophet
elouise – chuck prophet
summertime thing – chuck prophet

qachina – damien jurado
lon bella – damien jurado
on the land blues – damien jurado
exit 353 – damien jurado
cinco de tomorrow – damien jurado

if i can’t change your mind – sugar