episode 149

guest: dan stuart of green on red

5-22-02 – golden smog

after the hurricane – br5-49
beautiful wreck – shawn mullins
i’ll find my way – derek trucks band

dollar down – the salt miners
talk on indolence – the aver brothers
so happy – scotty karate
the general belgrano – david childers & the modern don juans

star witness – neko case
kiss when i’m sleeping – maclcolm holcombe
rabbit – ray wylie hubbard

help me, suzanne – rhett miller
unhinged – the drams
dancing on the lip of a volcano – the new york dolls
love train – the yayhoos

gravity talks – green on red

phone interview with dan stuart of green on red

that’s what dreams – green on red
fading away (live) – green on red
waiting for love – green on red

tears, tears and more tears – elvis costello & allen toussaint