episode 46

that’s what dreams – green on red

diamond jim – chuck prophet
fat – joe henry
tanks – eric westbury

charlie james – peter case
put down the gun – peter case
forbidden fruit makes a sticky jam – starlings tn

jesus wears red – jo serrapere & the willie dunns
closer to the bone – jo serrapere & the willie dunns
jesus in a snowball – jo serrapere & the willie dunns

white train – foster & lloyd
soul deep – the continental drifters
love is for lovers – the db’s
i been there – peter holsapple
david – nellie mckay
cash on the barrelhead – joe nichols & rhonda vincent
crash on the barrelhead – old 97’s
you’re all bad (and that’s why you’ve been invited) – eleni mandell

look at miss ohio – gillian welch
mourning song – michelle anthony
how do you judge me – anna fermin’s trigger gospel

trail of tears – guadalcanal diary
pillow talk – guadalcanal diary
lonely street – guadalcanal diary
please stop me – guadalcanal diary