episode 159

living proof – bruce springsteen

four winds – bright eyes
one more cup of coffee – bob dylan
you’ve got her in your pocket – white stripes

people gonna talk – james hunter
bring it on home to me – sam cooke
the leader of the band – lewis taylor
changing man – paul weller

the hustle – marah
ill placed trust – sloan
colorful – rocco deluca & the burden
the last time – the rolling stones

don’t give up on me – solomon burke
i need your love in my life – solomon burke
ain’t got you – solomon burke
does my tine burn your finger – solomon burke
diamond in your mind – solomon burke

gather the family ’round – ed pettersen
kiss me when i’m sleeping – malcolm holcombe
room eleven – malcolm holcombe
to go home – m. ward

distraction #74 – the aver brothers
the general belgrano – david childers & the modern don juans

y’all come – the salt miners