episode 139

cowboys are frequently secretly fond of each other – pansy division

wild things – scott miller & the commonwealth
i’d rather have you – thad cockrell
second option – caitlin cary & thad cockrell
stone love song – tres chicas

lights go out – deadstring brothers
freak star – steve wynn & the miracle 3
cold black heart – shawn mullins
danse macabre – david childers & the modern don juans

people that i’m wrong for – warren zanes
i’ll find a way – derek trucks band
the monona – paul’s big radio

love make a fool of me – big al anderson
in my dreams – big al anderson
sunday dress – terry anderson & the olympic ass-kickin’ team
hi ‘n dry – terry anderson & the olympic ass-kickin’ team

out of the rain – jessi colter w/ waylon jennings & tony joe white
chase the feeling – kris kristofferson

the devil’s right hand – the highwayman