episode 420

g-d knows my name ’11 – moneybrother

on with the business – the hold steady
made up english oceans – drive-by truckers
really wanna see you – lydia loveless
milwaukee – the both

watch ‘ em fall – the loudermilks
come along with me -the loudermilks
darkness of hell – the loudermilks
the plan – the loudermilks
georgia pines – the loudermilks

this is the ballad -old 97’s
wheels off – old 97’s
wasted – old 97’s
intervention – old 97’s
most messed up – old 97’s

what goes boom – pixies
bagboy – pixies
silver snail – pixies
ring the bell – pixies
jaime bravo – pixies

pour it down – the howlin’ brothers
night and day – the howlin’ brothers
world spinning round – the howlin’ brothers
troubled waltz – the howlin’ brothers
sing a sad song – the howlin’ brothers
yes i am! – the howlin’ brothers

born under a bad sign – moneybrother