episode 58

fading away – green on red

looking forward to seeing you – golden smog
i’m a wheel – wilco
between love & like – grandpaboy

losing faith – audrey auld
barricades & brickwalls – kasey chambers
hide – big breakfast

sally’s mistake – david manchel
bad boy – david manchel
one swell foot – david manchel
i’ve been gone (a long time) – david manchel

valentine – bobby bare, jr.
enjoy the ride – terri hendrix
broken conversation – nels andrews

does it look that bad? – eric ambel
tanks – eric westbury
regretfully – marlee macleod

the cumberland – starlings tn
crawling from the wreckage – graham parker
the jewel of the abilene – grey delisle

don’t deny – michelle anthony
the cowardly lion – lori mckenna
mad tom of bedlam – jolie holland

is that all there is – los lobos w/ little wille g.