Happy Record Store Day!

Happy Record Store Day!

Record Store Day - 2013

My RSD Score – 2013


My name is Greenberg and I’m a music nerd. 

On a perfectly good Saturday morning, I got up at the asscrack of way too damn early to stand in line for 2 hours to purchase records especially released for this very day – a day to celebrate independent record stores everywhere.

It does not matter that I arrived at shortly after 7am. Some other souls decided they needed to prove they are bigger nerds than I, and got there at 4 in the morning.

Yikes! You win!

I’m still a pretty damn respectable nerd, though.

The morning was sunny yet chilly as I stood in the shadow of a building being erected next door. All the people I encountered in line were pretty friendly. I chatted for a bit with a chap who reminded me a bit of Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and we bonded over a mutual appreciation for all things Springsteen, Dylan and Neil Young.

I even did a remarkable job of ignoring my at-capacity bladder. I was, however, not amused by getting re-routed on the way there and the way back because of the 8K taking place nearby. Minor setback.

What did I get?

I’m glad you asked.

Without even trying, today’s score was thematic, as all 4 of my purchases were EPs. Plus, two of my picks are by artists from my hometown of Detroit.

Yuma – Justin Townes Earle

Stranger and Stranger – Marshall Crenshaw 

Patterns – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 

Revolution of the Mind – the dB’s 

Plus, I got a smokin’ boatload o’ free swag, including CDs, records, pins, stickers, posters and a T-shirt.

Hope you all had a Happy Record Store Day!

Your Pal,

Greenberg 🙂