Howlin’ with the Brotherhood of the Dancin’ Pants

The Howlin' Brothers

The Howlin’ Brothers are playing at my house, MY house. Left to right – Ben Plasse, Ian Craft, Jared Green


So, I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from Mood Indigo Entertainment‘s John Porter. John’s one of the really cool people who have provided the show with a lot of great music over the years, and manages The Howlin’ Brothers, a band I like quite a bit.

Their new album, Howl, is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. It was produced by the superlative power pop raconteur Brendan Benson, features a guest appearance by jam-rock superhero Warren Haynes, but make no mistake, the Howlin’ Brothers are awesome regardless of who their collaborators are.

And in a world where others put on their dancin’ shoes, the Howlin’ Brothers hit the stage each night wearing their dancin’ pants.

The e-mail’s pretty straight-up. The Howlin’s have a last-minute booking at The Evening Muse – a wonderful little live music venue here in Charlotte, NC where people go because they WANT to hear live music, as opposed to the many places people go to because they want to go the bar, and there happens to be live music for them to ignore.

Anyway, John sends out a missive, inquiring whether any of us radio types would like to be on the list for the show.

Of course, I say yes…then I roll the dice…

me: Any chance they might be available to record an interview for my show. If not, no big deal. Doesn’t hurt to ask. 🙂

John: Of course they’ll have time. Tell me when and where you want ’em…

me: That would be so cool! Thank you! I’ve got a recording set-up in my house. If they wanted to swing by my place around  6, that would be awesome.

John: Have a good time with ’em. About how many songs do ya think they should be prepared to play?

me: I was just expecting to do a Q & A, but if they wanted to play a couple songs, that would be awesome! I’m just happy to get an interview.

John: Hey man, up to you – if you have room/time – they LIVE to play…

John was not kiiding. Ian, Ben and Jared are three of the most talented, laidback and friendliest guys I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

We recorded an interview which we ran on the May 11 show, and my good friend Roland Basdeo caught their performance on video. I’ve posted everything below. Enjoy!

 Howlin’ Brothers Interview (audio)

Greenberg with The Howlin' Brothers

Left to right – Ben Plasse, Greenberg, Ian Craft, Jared Green (photo by Roland Basdeo – 2013)