Morricone, Margo & Me

Morricone, Margo & Me

episode 613

podcast 6

the good, the bad & the ugly (main title) – ennio morricone

here comes the end – gerard way featuring judith hill
no flag – elvis costello
turn off the tv – old 97’s

letting me down – margo price
twinkle twinkle – margo price
stone me – margo price
hey child – margo price
prisoner of the highway – margo price

just the girl – remember sports
way back into love – ben lee & sarah silverman
what’ll it be – jack dolgen
sick day – nada surf
all kinds of time – suzy shinn & charlie brand
come on – off book & the family band

il clan del siciliani – ennio morricone
l’uomo dell’armonica – ennio morricone
for a fistful of dollars – ennio morricone
for a few dollars more – ennio morricone
plume di cristallo – ennio morricone

keeping me alive – ruby boots
seventies jesus – robbie fulks
new skateboard – william elliott whitmore
wish on the moon – cory branan
ace of spades – the yawpers
hold on tight (acoustic) – rookie

once upon a time in the west – bruce springsteen