NOTE: I filled in on a Thursday night for the host who played a lot of industrial / goth / darkwave. Since that’s not my area of expertise, I opted for a playlist leaning more heavily toward trip-hop, downbeat & lounge.

angel – massive attack
inertia creeps – massive attack
man next door – massive attack

passengers – lemongrass

killer inside me – mc 900 ft. jesus
the city sleeps – mc 900 ft. jesus
ramblin’ man – lemon jelly
perfect weather for ducks – lemon jelly

riders on the storm – yonderboi

i’ve been waiting for tomorrow (all of my life) – the the
giant – the the
dreamcatcher – electric sky church
corcovado – everything but the girl
trigger hippy – morcheeba

slow down – morcheeba
aqualung – morcheeba

give it away – zero 7
destiny – zero 7

nothing new (remix) – april march
sugar (remix) – april march

universal traveler – air
alpha beta gaga – air
radio #1 – air

nervous breakthrough – luscious jackson
ladyfingers – luscious jackson
nitty gritty – skeewiff

la femme d’argent – air
sexy boy – air
kelly watch the stars – air