episode 229

walk on gilded splinters – paul weller

1969 – the stooges
i wanna be your dog – the stooges
i wanna be your man – the stooges

fossil contender – the gourds
the way you can get – the gourds
aces high – split lip rayfield
the hight price of necromancy – split lip rayfield

a night with the jersey devil – bruce springsteen
working on a dream – bruce springsteen
my lucky day – bruce springsteen
the wrestler – bruce springsteen
life itself – bruce springsteen

knock on wood – ashleigh flynn
steely dan – stephanie chapman
in my wildest dreams – donna ulisse

ruby room – foxboro hot tubs
jump in the fire – the night marchers
where do you run to? – the vivian girls
april – the hentchmen

jack killed mom – jenny lewis
the denial twist – white stripes
portland, oregon – loretta lynn w/ jack white

organ grinder’s boogie – jimmy smith