Post-COVID Block Party

Post-COVID Block Party

episode 655

podcast 48

computer love – kraftwerk

worry with you – sleater-kinney
in the stone – the goon sax
in there – liz phair
reverie – son volt
something has to change – rodney crowell

monolith – the chills
hourglass – the chills
you’re immortal – the chills
scatterbrain – the chills
the walls beyond abandon – the chills

helena – damien jurado
tom – damien jurado
dawn pretend- damien jurado
minnesota – damien jurado
male customer #1 – damien jurado

crawling kingsnake – the black keys
louise – the black keys
coal black mattie – the black keys
sad days, lonely nights – the black keys
mellow peaches – the black keys

pay your way in pain – st. vincent
down – st. vincent
somebody like me – st. vincent
…at the holiday party – st. vincent
candy darling – st. vincent

computer world – kraftwerk