Rocktober 2023 – Part 1: Night of the Living Tim

Rocktober 2023 – Part 1: Night of the Living Tim

episode 727

podcast 121

call to love – jimmy eat world featuring bethany cosentino

song about you – lydia loveless
poor boy – lydia loveless
feel – lydia loveless
toothache – lydia loveless
ghost – lydia loveless

atomic city – u2
meet in the middle – joseph gordon-levitt & eve hewson
which of the pickwick triplets did it? – steve martin

nowhere is my home (alternate mix) – the replacements
hold my life (ed stasium mix) – the replacements
kiss me on the bus (ed stasium mix) – the replacements
swingin’ party (ed stasium mix) – the replacements
bastards of young (ed stasium mix) – the replacements
left of the dial (ed stasium mix) – the replacements

where are the kids – jb dunckel
ready for you – cherry glazerr
in between days – superchunk
the king of western swing – boy golden
sweet sounds of heaven – the rolling stones & lady gaga

are you gonna run? – low cut connie
whips and chains – low cut connie
take me to the place – low cut connie featuring susu
king of the jews – low cut connie
the party’s over – low cut connie featuring susu

call to love – crooked fingers