Rocktober Part 5: Halloween Fever Dream

Rocktober Part 5: Halloween Fever Dream

episode 629

podcast 22

people have the power – patti smith

road zombie – social distortion
new orleans walkin’ dead – north mississippi allstars
all you zombies – the hooters
zombie boy – magnetic fields
zombified – southern culture on the skids

bloodletting (the vampire song) – concrete blonde
vampires & failures – grandpaboy
vampire – the whiskey charmers
garlic – superchunk
damn these vampires – the mountain goats
dracula’s daughter – redd kross
if we were vampires – jason isbell & the 400 unit

presidente – kinky
electioneering – radiohead
election day – the replacements
one (hu)’man one vote – johnny clegg & savuka
christ for president – billy bragg & wilco
john lee hooker for president – ry cooder
when i’m president – ian hunter & the rant band

cold irons bound – bob dylan
weightless again – the handsome family
dark side of the heart – maggie bjorklund
please stop me – guadalcanal diary
deep red bells – neko case
red right hand – nick cave & the bad seeds
the city sleeps – mc 900 ft jesus
take me to the river – talking heads
ashes to ashes – david bowie
things that should not move – the man from ravcon
the twist – a.a. bondy
happy – danny elfman
stranger things (extended) – kyle dixon & michael stein
down in the park – gary numan & tuebway army

swamp thing – chameleons uk
born with a tail – supersuckers
creepy jackelope eye – steve earle & the supersuckers
goo goo muck – the cramps
night creatures – superchunk
what kind of monster are you? – ex hex
meet frankenstein – redd kross
werewolves of london – warren zevon
monsters – the whiskey charmers
demons and fiends – robyn hitchcock
a night with the jersey devil – bruce springsteen
it’s halloween – the shaggs
monster – fred schneider
dead man’s party – oingo boingo

witches – low
season of the witch – donovan
i put a spell on you – screamin’ jay hawkins
witches boogaloo – sugarman 3

the revolution starts now – steve earle