The Triumphant Return Of Too Much Joy

The Triumphant Return Of Too Much Joy

episode 653

podcast 46

rock and roll dreams come through – jim steinman

have mercy, lose control – the eyebrows
demon in my head – the eyebrows
disguises – the eyebrows
wdhbyh? – the eyebrows
fight/flighht – the eyebrows

stew ball – peter case
grey funnel line – peter case
early roman kings – peter case
charlie james – peter case
this wheel’s on fire – peter case

uptown – prince
controversy – prince
dirty mind – prince
sign o’ the time – prince
thieves in the temple – prince

uncle watson wants to think – too much joy featuring joan osborne
hairshirt – too much joy
something to drink about – too much joy
tranq it up – too much joy
flux capacitor – too much joy

the humpty dance – digital underground