Walking in the Rain

Walking in the Rain

episode 644

podcast 37

walking in the rain – grace jones

monolith – the chills
i’m more inclined – teenage fanclub
(under the) heavy sun – daniel lanois
keeps me running – esther rose

pest – goat girl
p t s tea – goat girl
sad cowboy – goat girl
the crack – goat girl
closing in – goat girl
anxiety feels – goat girl

the rocker – thin lizzy
rosalie – thin lizzy
still in love with you – thin lizzy
bad reputation – thin lizzy
chinatown – thin lizzy

nudge it – sleaford mods
elocution – sleaford mods
out there – sleaford mods
mork n mindy – sleaford mods
fishcakes – sleaford mods

walking in the rain – flash and the pan