Who’s That Little Pile of Smiles?

Who’s That Little Pile of Smiles?

episode 616

podcast 9

one more for saint michael – game theory

who do you think you’re talking to? – dawes
march march – the chicks
the last great american dynasty – taylor swift
come down lonesome one – ethan daniel davidson
one more song – betty lavette

live in favor of tomorrow – the lemon twigs
no one holds you (closer than the one you haven’t met) – the lemon twigs
moon – the lemon twigs
the one – the lemon twigs

if – latin playboys
cuca’s blues – latin playboys
chineze surprise – latin playboys
lemon ‘n ice – latin playboys
new zandu – latin playboys
latin trip – latin playboys
forever night shade mary – latin playboys

oh my lover (demo) – pj harvey
dress (demo) – pj harvey
victory (demo) – pj harvey
sheela-na-gig (demo) – pj harvey
water (demo) – pj harvey

red western sky – muzz
patchouli – muzz
broken tambourine – muzz
chubby checker – muzz
how many days – muzz

michael rockefeller – guadalcanal diary