episode 16

guest dj: dan hull

NOTE: This show’s playlist was curated by my old friend, Dan, who was in town from Phoenix. This is why you see one of my songs listed. For the record, I firmly believe that playing one’s own material is tacky. However, I did give Dan the reins to spin anything that was FCC-friendly. When he threatened to play one of my songs, I said “I won’t tell you where my CD is, but if you can find it, I’ll play it.” He won. D’oh!

ryan adams – the bar is beautiful place 
gemma hayes – back of my hand 
josh rouse – feeling no pain 

the thorns – think it over 
rhett miller – come around 
michael nesmith – joanne 

jim white – heaven of my heart 
mark insley – tucson 
giant sand – plants & rags 

lambchop – this corrosion 
topless opry – no phoenix blues 
calexico – sunken waltz 
neko case – look for me (i’ll be around) 
scott greenberg – karma 

alejandro escovedo – gravity, falling down again 
john doe – faraway (from the north country) 
nick cave & the bad seeds – right out of your hand 
jesse malin – brooklyn 

gillian welch – make me a pallet on your floor 
thea gilmore – heart string blues 
kathleen edwards – 12 bellevue 

lucinda williams – drunken angel 
josh rouse – michigan