episode 24

johnny cash & june carter cash – where did we go right 
johnny cash & june carter cash – jackson 
johnny cash – johnny 99 
johnny cash – i’m on fire 

johnny cash – thirteen 
johnny cash – in your mind 
johnny cash – i dreamed about mama last night 
johnny cash – folsom prison blues 

nick lowe – the beast in me 
ed pettersen – veil of tears 
david brake & that damn band 

joe henry – dirty magazine 
patricia vonne – traeme paz 
joe henry – loves you madly

jo serrapere & the willie dunns – i’m satisfied 
jill jack  nowhere bound
penumbrae – all this time 
alejandro escovedo – put you down 

steve earle – feel alright 
steve earle – hardcore troubadour 
steve earle – the unrepentant 
steve earle w/ lucinda williams – you’re still standing there

joe ely – working on the highway